Executive & Leadership Coaching

I met Valérie when I first time became a manager. With great professionalism, energy but also empathy, she supported the beginnings of my professional leadership journey very much with great guidance and expertise which also impacted my personal development very much until today. She not only prepared me for tough business challenges but also taught me to always remember my values and respect for others. I often think of the coaching sessions with her, still benefit from them and feel prepared for whatever challenge may come up. If I’d have to get support with something I am stuck with, she would definitely be the one to call – and I know I always could.


Merle Ganteführer
Head of Customer Insights and Experience at HBK

I had the privilege of being mentored/coached by Valerie during my time as European Marketing Manager at Hottinger Bruel & Kjaer, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. Valerie not only possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but she also has an ability to inspire and motivate.


Throughout our sessions, Valerie demonstrated an unwavering commitment to my personal and professional growth. She always took the time to truly understand my goals, challenges, and aspirations, and provided invaluable guidance every step of the way. Her insights were always spot-on, and she offered practical strategies and advice that yielded tangible results.

What truly sets Valerie apart is her genuine passion for helping others succeed. She not only shared her expertise generously but also served as a supportive mentor, offering encouragement and empowerment when I needed it most. Her positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, making every interaction with her a source of inspiration.


Thanks to Valerie’s guidance and support, I am more confident and equipped to tackle future challenges. I am truly grateful for her mentorship/coaching and would highly recommend Valerie to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.


Thank you, Valerie, for being an exceptional mentor/coach and for making a lasting impact on my personal and professional journey.


Aimee Wiltshire
Tisdale EMEA Marketing Manager at HBK

Valerie has been instrumental in my leadership development, challenging me to rethink and broaden my perspectives. Her ability to push me out of my comfort zone and encourage a comprehensive view of various situations has been transformative. Her insights and guidance have not only enhanced my decision-making but have also spurred significant personal and professional growth. I am deeply appreciative of her impact on my journey and highly recommend her expertise to others seeking meaningful development in their leadership capabilities.


Dr. Karsten Meyenberg
Site Head Frankfurt, Corden Pharma

I had the pleasure to work with Valerie during our common time at Danaher.
I saw her rebuild the global marketing team and initiate the digital transformation of the company.

She has always been an excellent mentor who unleashed my potential and helped me navigate through my career.
I have witnessed this with several other colleagues and it was not a surprise she has decided to combine her expertise as a business consultant and executive coach in her offer. I would trust her for the development of my team and team members eyes closed.


Maite Brehmer Dávila
General Manager Iberia LBS, Danaher

I have worked and known Valerie for the last 8 years as a colleague on the same leadership team and as a peer coach. Not only she is a very knowledgeable Marketing Executive who knows how to deliver meaningful results in complex environments, she also has a strong track record as a talent developer and executive coach. Valerie, thanks to her structured and analytical approach supported by a strong intuition, is an amazing business consultant and coach who can help you and your team reach new highs or unlock situation for which you do not have a solution.


I hope you too get the opportunity to work with Valerie in the near future.


Rodolphe Boschet
CHRO –  L.E.M.

I would not have the career I have without Valerie’s coaching and mentoring. Her skill is in coaching you the way you need to be coached. I need direct conversations and she gave me that. There were others who needed a different approach and Valerie modulated to meet their needs. She coached me with honesty and empathy, so I could get develop without feeling like I’m being asked to change, to be someone else or give up my authentic self to be more “corporate”.

Valerie taught me to become a better leader, marketer and a woman’s leader. If you want coaching that really works and accomplishes the changes you want, then Valerie is your coach.

Amulya Malladi
Senior Director, Global Marketing – Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, Danaher

Business Coaching and Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Valerie when we connected through the Horizon Europe program, and her guidance and expertise have had a profound impact on both my personal and professional growth.


Throughout the process of submitting my application to the EIC Accelerator, Valerie provided invaluable support. She helped me refine my pitch, fine-tune my business model, develop a comprehensive market strategy, and enhance my fundraising approach. Her insights into the intricacies of the medical device market were particularly enlightening, enabling me to approach my business endeavors with a deeper understanding and a competitive edge.
Beyond her expertise in business practices, Valerie also excelled in coaching me on leadership skills and work-life balance. Managing a company presents numerous challenges, and Valerie’s compassionate approach allowed me to confide in her during difficult moments when I felt overwhelmed by financial matters, strategic decisions, operational complexities, and the constant need to motivate my team. Her ability to understand the unique demands of entrepreneurship and offer guidance tailored to my circumstances was invaluable.


Furthermore, I must commend Valerie for her unwavering support during a particularly challenging period when my home country, Ukraine, faced an attack from Russia. Being originally from Ukraine, this event had a profound impact on me and my family. Valerie not only provided professional guidance during this time but also offered personal support and understanding, showcasing her remarkable empathy and dedication to her clients.


In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Valerie as a leadership coach. Her depth of knowledge, exceptional insights into effective leadership, and comprehensive understanding of the key business aspects of managing teams and companies make her an outstanding resource. Valerie’s ability to guide, motivate, and empower her clients is truly remarkable, and her positive impact on my professional journey is immeasurable.


Anna Zhenchuk
Managing Director at BioAnalyt GmbH